The answer to this question depends on the type of work being performed.

A home improvement license is required to perform “home improvement” work in Maryland.  “Home improvement” means “the addition to or alteration, conversion, improvement, modernization, remodeling, repair, or replacement of a building or part of a building that is used or designed to be used as a residence or dwelling place…”, and includes “construction, improvement, or replacement of a driveway, shelter, fence, garage, landscaping, deck, pier, porch, or swimming pool”, “connection, installation or replacement of a dishwasher, disposal, or refrigerator with an icemaker to existing exposed household piping lines”, and installation of an “awning, fire alarm, or storm window.” MD Bus. Reg. Code § 8-101.

A person may not act or offer to act as a contractor in Maryland for home improvement work unless the person has a home improvement license, and may not sell, or offer to sell a home improvement unless the person has a home improvement license or salesperson license. MD Bus. Reg. Code § 8-601. A contractor who holds a home improvement license is not required to also hold a construction license issued under Title 17 of the Maryland Code, Business Regulation Article. Title 17 requires anyone who does “construction business” to possess a construction license issued by the Clerk. “Construction business” is defined as follows:

  • 17-601 [Definitions].
  • In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.
  • “Construction license” means a license issued by the clerk to do construction business.

(c) “Do construction business” means to agree to:

(1) pave or curb a sidewalk, street, or other public or private property;

(2) excavate earth, rock, or other material for a foundation or other purpose; or

(3) do work on or in a building or other structure that requires the use of a building material, including:

(i) paint;

(ii) stone;

(iii) brick;

(iv) mortar;

(v) wood;

(vi) cement;

(vii) structural iron;

(viii) structural steel;

(ix) sheet iron;

(x) galvanized iron;

(xi) metallic piping;

(xii) tin;

(xiii) lead;

(xiv) electric wiring; or

(xv) any other metal.

Subject to certain exceptions, “a person must have a construction license whenever the person does construction business in the State.” MD Bus. Reg. Code §17-602(a)[Requirement of a License]. A construction license is required to perform any of the above-referenced functions in a building or home.

Between the definition of “home improvement” work under Title 8 and various categories of “construction business” defined in Title 17 of Maryland’s Business Regulation Article, a license is required for many of the tasks a handyman is typically called upon to remedy.

One of many reasons not to perform home improvement work without a license in Maryland, in addition to being guilty of a criminal misdemeanor subject to a fine not exceeding $1,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or both, is that an unlicensed contractor may be legally prohibited from filing a lawsuit to recover unpaid money from a property owner (regardless of whether the work was properly and completely performed).

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