Civil Litigation

Bramnick law handles a wide range of civil litigation matters including contract related claims, business torts, residential and commercial real estate disputes, construction litigation including mechanic’s liens and collections for contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers, and general post-judgment collections and enforcement matters.  We are aggressive litigators but work closely with our clients throughout every step of the process to strategize the best course of action including, when appropriate, alternative dispute resolution.  Clients value our ability to analyze legal issues to efficiently and effectively obtain successful results.

We regularly represent construction contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers in connection with breach of contract actions, change order claims, mechanic’s liens, bond claims, prompt payment and trust fund statute violations, and other payment related disputes.  Every year we help our clients collect millions in unpaid sums due on construction projects in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

We also represent homeowners in claims against contractors.  This generally falls into two categories: (1) performance related issues such as incomplete and/or defective workmanship; and (2) home improvement license violations, a pervasive problem in the District of Columbia.  Under the District of Columbia’s home improvement regulations, an unlicensed home improvement contractor has no legal right to collect unpaid money due on a contract from the homeowner and can be required to disgorge (return) all money received from the homeowner, even if the work was properly performed.  We are knowledgeable, prepared and experienced to prosecute these claims on behalf of aggrieved homeowners.

Our civil litigation practice regularly involves residential real estate disputes and related matters. We represent residential buyers and sellers facing a variety of legal issues that arise during the sales process such as:

  • Wrongful failure or refusal of a party to complete settlement
  • Claims involving the return or disposition of an earnest money deposit
  • Disputes involving the proper exercise or removal of a contract contingency
  • Wrongful refusal to execute a release
  • General breach of contract claims
  • Specific Performance

Additionally, our civil litigation practice includes representation of real estate brokers and salespersons in a wide array of matters including:

  • Fee and commission disputes
  • Wrongful termination of listing agreements and buyer agency agreements
  • Claims involving restrictive covenants such as non-compete and non-solicitation provisions
  • Tortious interference with contract
  • License violations before the real estate commission

While always prepared to litigate our cases through trial and appeal, we are trained and experienced in dispute resolution ranging from negotiation, mediation, and other dispute resolution procedures.  Many cases settle as a result of our commitment to finding creative solutions to difficult problems.  Ultimately our mission does not change: zealous advocacy and obtaining successful results for our clients.

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