Employment Law – Employees

Bramnick Creed represents business professionals, executives, and employees in all aspects of employment law. Our clients span every industry and employment level in a broad range of disputes and transactional matters, with a strong emphasis on the following:

Employment Contracts, Non-Compete Agreements, and Severance Agreements.

Bramnick Creed represents executives and employees in disputes arising from employment contracts. We advocate for clients in litigation arising from non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, severance agreements, and other employment contracts. We represent employees as plaintiffs asserting their rights and as defendants facing litigation by former employers. We also advise clients on associated risks and negotiate on their behalf when entering employment contracts and severance agreements.

Sexual Harassment.

Even in the “Me Too” era, many employees unfortunately face sexual harassment in the workplace. Bramnick Creed is an advocate for employees who face unwanted sexual advances, quid pro quo harassment, a hostile work environment, or other forms of sexual harassment. We represent clients in asserting claims for sexual harassment and negotiating fair resolutions with their employers.

Discrimination and Retaliation.

Bramnick Creed advises and advocates on behalf employees who are victims of workplace discrimination or harassment, including cases involving sex discrimination, religious discrimination, race discrimination, disability discrimination, and other forms of employer misconduct. We also represent clients who face retaliation for asserting their legal rights in the workplace.

Professional Licensing.

Bramnick Creed represents licensed professionals across every field who are facing complaints, board investigations, or disciplinary charges, including hearings and appeals before licensing agencies.

For more information about how Bramnick Creed assists employees in employment law matters or for a consultation, contact Joe Creed at (301) 760-3344 or JCreed@BramnickCreed.com.