Federal Employment Lawyers

Federal employees have many legal rights and protections relating to their employment. They also at times face a hostile and challenging work environment and a complex legal system. The federal employment lawyers of Bramnick Creed have a deep knowledge of federal employment law and extensive experience in representing federal employees. We counsel, guide, and advocate for federal employees in all aspects of employment law.

Federal Employee Personnel Matters

Bramnick Creed represents federal employees in all disciplinary and adverse personnel actions, including suspensions, demotions, and removals. Our attorneys have extensive experience in responding to notices of proposed discipline and negotiating favorable resolutions of proposed disciplinary actions. When negotiations fail and a disciplinary action has been taken, we advocate for federal employees in appeals to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. More…

Federal Employee EEO Matters 

Bramnick Creed represents federal employees in all EEO matters, including discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation. We guide our clients through every phase of the federal sector EEO process, from formal and informal complaints to agency investigations. Our attorneys are experienced litigators in the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and federal courts. More…

Federal Employee Whistleblower Protection

Bramnick Creed represents federal employees in all aspects of federal whistleblower protection law and disputes involving prohibited personnel practices. We serve as a strategic adviser and courtroom advocate for federal employees who are victims of retaliation following protected disclosures, and guide federal whistleblowers through the OSC complaint process and appeals to the MSPB. More…

The attorneys of Bramnick Creed have successfully represented federal employees in a wide range of employment law matters in virtually every federal agency.

Attorney Joe Creed is well-versed in federal sector employment law and has an established reputation as a strong advocate for federal employees. He is formerly the Employee Co-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Federal Sector Labor & Employment Law Committee. He is the author of “Employment Rights of Federal Employees,” a chapter in the Maryland Employment Law Deskbook, as well as other publications on federal employment law.

For more information about how Bramnick Creed assists federal employees in employment law matters or for a consultation, contact Joe Creed at (301) 760-3344 or JCreed@BramnickCreed.com.



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